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News / September 22, 2009

Sustainability at Aliments ED Foods

As a reliable member of our community, Aliments ED Foods has been working to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

In the last year, we have done the following:

  • Reduced our reliance on disposable uniforms by over 75%!
  • Switched from using regular plastic bags to rapidly biodegradable bags
  • Implemented a complete cardboard recycling program
  • Invested in newer, more energy efficient office equipment

To support this initiative, we established in 2008 a Sustainability Task Force — a cross-functional team committed to finding opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Furthermore, ED Foods has started to measure our energy usage and waste production as a function of our production volumes. By watching these important metrics, we are better able to effect positive change and measure the impact of our sustainability projects.

Aliments ED Foods’ focus is on concentrated, shelf stable products, which require fewer trucks for transportation reducing fuel consumption and resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions than when transporting the equivalent amount of a ready to use (non-concentrated) product.

We thank you for joining us in our commitment towards a greener future!

Best regards,

Robert Eiser
General Manager
Aliments ED Foods

About Aliments ED Foods

Since 1951, Aliments ED Foods has specialized in manufacturing soup bases, soup mixes, seasonings and gravy mixes, for the foodservice market. The company prides itself on being Canada’s foremost private label expert and the only Canadian company manufacturing “meat first” concentrated soup stocks in paste format. Its long history of offering gluten free, vegetarian, sodium reduced and other specialized products have made it a top choice amongst North American chefs, buyers and their entire organizations. Aliments ED Foods’ excellent reputation, Gold Rated HACCP facility, knowledgeable staff and home-style approach toward recipe development, have contributed to the success behind thousands of private label products and its own Luda and Inspiration brands. For information on Aliments ED Foods’ products and services please visit

For further information, please contact: Claudia Gosselin, Aliments ED Foods, (514) 695-EDED or 1-800-267-EDED (3333), ext. 233,


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