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LUDA Booster. Versatile. Flavourful


You know and trust LUDA products for their high quality, great taste and proven reliability, essential ingredients of success in the foodservice industry. As a chef, manager or purchasing specialist, you thrive on pleasing your clientele with the best experience around, serving great food while keeping the production process simple. And nowadays, globalization and easy access to different cultures mean ethnic flavours and aromas are a must on any menu.

With this in mind, Aliments ED Foods innovates and presents its new line of LUDA Boosters, a family of highly versatile and trendy flavour highlighters inspired by great chefs around the world.

As always, Aliments ED Foods strives to make your cooking easier and tastier. LUDA Boosters were created to achieve maximum results with minimal effort: imagine creating luscious foods of the world, authentic and constant in taste and appearance without having to mix seasonings, spices and other flavourings. LUDA Boosters cut down your ingredient inventories as their ready to use instant-dissolve formula can be added to soups, sauces, dips, rubs or sprinkled as a finishing touch. For outstanding results, mix with any of our fine LUDA soup and sauce bases.

The uniqueness of LUDA Boosters rests in their ease of use and truly authentic flavour profiles. As with all LUDA fine products, our Boosters will complement your cooking by adding the magic touch of ethnicity, whether exotic or more mainstream, without having to adapt your cooking techniques or equipment. Whether you cater to a large scale institutional clientele and are on the lookout for efficiency, or manage a restaurant chain and demand standardized results, LUDA Boosters, specifically created for the foodservice industry, will efficiently meet your needs, one portion or one batch at a time.          

Convenient, versatile, gluten and trans fat free, low in sodium and containing minimal allergens, our new line of LUDA Boosters is the passport that will open up new flavour frontiers.


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